Veterinarian to reveal the latest trace minerals research for optimal dairy cattle performance in Victoria roadshow

Animal health company Virbac Australia will shortly be commencing a two-week-long roadshow throughout Victoria and Tasmania to explain the effects of trace minerals on dairy cattle health and performance.

The multi-stop tour will be headlined by international dairy veterinarian Dr Dan Tracy, who will be joined by a host of local industry experts. It promises to be a unique opportunity to learn more about the latest research on trace mineral science and the impact of trace mineral injections on cow and calf immune systems, with insights on how and why trace mineral injections can improve herd fertility.

With trace minerals being an essential component of dairy cattle nutrition, deficiencies are known to be the primary source of productivity losses for animals lacking optimal levels. "Our research has found that trace mineral injections can result in improved reproductive efficiency and reduced diseases in cows and calves,” says Dr Tracy. “Fertility and immunity problems can be corrected with mineral injections, and we aim to deliver the key findings of the latest studies into this area, and reveal how producers can optimise their dairy herds using trace mineral injections.”

Virbac Australia Livestock Nutrition Specialist Dr Jerry Liu describes Dr Tracy’s tour as a great way for producers to hear from an expert in the field. “Dr Tracy has many years of experience in the area of animal nutrition, herd health and reproductive management. We’re looking forward to hearing his findings, which should be a real help to Southern producers wanting to get their herd performance ready,” says Dr Liu.

The tour’s first stop will be country Victoria, where the team will appear at events in Warragul, Leongatha, Yarram, Tinamba and Sale between Tuesday 11 and Thursday 13 June 2019.

Please note: This is an invitation-only event. Please contact your local Virbac Australia representative or your local Virbac merchandise store for more information on how to attend.

Source: Virbac Australia

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