US veterinarian returns to Australia to showcase the latest research in cattle-related trace mineral science

Following the success of his previous visit, one of the USA’s leading cattle veterinarians, Dr Bob Gentry is set to touch down in Australia again, on a tour to highlight the benefits of trace minerals in beef production.

Bob previously toured Australia in 2016 during a Virbac-hosted event, where he shared his expertise with Australian cattle producers. During his stay, he presented more than 20 seminars and attracted widespread media attention, giving him extensive recognition among Australian producers and cattle veterinarians.

Due to the tour’s popularity, Dr Gentry is returning to share his latest findings in trace mineral science, the differences between injectable and oral trace minerals, the impact on cattle health, fertility, immunity, and the potential impact on profitability.

Dr Gentry is scheduled to appear at six events across Australia, from the 8th to 18th May 2018, and the tour will kick off at 2018’s Beef Australia 2018, where he’ll give a technical talk on how producers can get their cattle performance-ready, as well as a number of other talks.

Virbac Australia Livestock Nutrition Specialist Dr Jerry Liu described Dr Gentry’s tour as a unique opportunity for industry participants to hear from a renowned expert in the field:

“Dr Gentry has over 35 years of experience as a professional vet, with a specific focus on beef cattle production, nutrition and reproduction. We’re looking forward to hearing his wealth of insights, which should be of real and lasting value to Australia’s cattle industry professionals and beef producers,” Dr Liu said.

During his series of talks, Dr Gentry will meet with rural merchandisers, local cattle veterinarians, scientists and a range of beef producers. Virbac Australia welcomes the media to interview Dr Gentry during his visit, as well as attend any of the local events.

Source: Virbac Australia

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