August 2019 ABV release confirms MAEBULL as Australia’s best

The August 2019 ABV release has confirmed that Genetics Australia’s bull Calister MAEBULL is Australia’s best Holstein bull.

Now with 96 per cent reliability for production and 129 milking daughters, this impressive bull has a BPI of 323 making him Australia’s number one daughter proven Holstein bull.

Genetics Australia CEO Anthony Shelly said MAEBULL was just about the perfect bull, offering all the traits demanded by today’s farmers.

“Not only is he the number one bull on the Australian profit ranking BPI, his August ABV also ranks him in the top 1 per cent of the breed for other key indices Health [HWI], Type [TWI] as well as Mastitis Resistance,” Mr Shelly said. “In fact, his SCC ABV of 192 also places him as the number 1 bull available for Somatic Cell ABV. When you add his Survival ABV and Daughter Fertility ABV, both in the top 5 per cent of the breed, no other bull has such impressive credentials.”

Mr Shelly said the ranking confirmed what many already knew about MAEBULL. “The news is even better for farmers using MAEBULL as his daughters are efficient converters of feed into production, with a positive ABV for the new traits of Feed Saved as well as Health Tolerance. He’s also A22 and has a Calving Ease ABV of 103, making him suitable for use on maiden heifers,” he said.

Demand looks set to grow in Australia and MAEBULL’s strengths are just what Chinese dairy producers are seeking.

Genetics Australia has recently returned from attending a large dairy expo in Tianjin China and appointed a Chinese distributor in in 2018.

“MAEBULL has been our most popular bull in China, having sold both sexed and conventional semen to several large dairies,” Mr Shelly said. “We are very fortunate that MAEBULL has such excellent semen quality and is a good donor, as the demand for him will grow considerably in export markets based on what he offers. He is just the bull that is needed in China.”

Mr Shelly said demand for Australian genetics and heifers was quickly growing in China and their dairy industry was expanding at a considerable rate. “I encourage all farmers to seize the opportunity to produce surplus heifers and there is no better bull to use than MAEBULL,” he added.

Source: Genetics Australia

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