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Pork CRC working to drive down greenhouse gas emissions

A Cooperative Research Centre for High Integrity Australian Pork study has found that greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are 38 per cent lower in eco-shelters and 88pc of the variability in production systems with common effluent management systems is related to herd feed conversion (HFC). Managed by Stephen Wiedemann while with FSA Consulting, Pork CRC Project…
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MLA workshop puts polish on sheep production

Despite 30 years and plenty of experience in farming, South Australian prime lamb producer Graham Clothier believes it doesn’t pay to be complacent when you’re trying to breed the ultimate wool and meat sheep. Graham, his wife Karen, and son Sam, run a White Suffolk-Merino crossbreeding operation on ‘Greenvale’, Woolumbool that turns off 3100 finished…
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Avoiding costly vaccination reactions in sheep

Vaccination or injection reactions are commonplace, and while typically seen at abattoirs and causing costs to run into the millions, the good news is they are largely avoidable. These costs may seem small when spread across the whole industry, however prevention is free and simple and can make a difference to your bottom line. There…
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